Artificial Intelligence: not just a buzzword

Over the last 3 decades we worked with the most prestigious customers to help them with their eDiscovery challenges.

ZyLAB's 35 years of innovation

At ZyLAB we develop innovative solutions that always go beyond what our competitors do, using new technology to seek higher levels of automation, completeness, speed and ease of use. This originates from the DNA of our founders. Today we work closely together with Universities around the world and have their researchers work in our R&D department.

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Wouldn't it be great to get the answer automatically from your system? 

And go even further in combining the various dimensions? No matter the type of case or investigation you need to ask the obvious questions: What, Why, Where, When, Who, etc.

ZyLAB's smart technology not only answers the:

What:                   Topic modeling
Who:                    Community detection
Where:                 Geomapping
Why:                     Sentiment and emotion mining
When:                  Time lines

but also the:

What–when        Topic Rivers
Who-Who           Clustering
Who-Why            Sentiment mining per person

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 AI-based analytics for eDiscovery

AI-based analytics ignite an eDiscovery productivity revolution

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ZyLAB Assisted Review

ZyLAB Assisted Review (ZAR) – also known as Computer Assisted Review (CAR) or Predictive Coding – uses a series of algorithms to search and sort documents relevant for data investigation or eDiscovery. ZAR also utilizes machine learning.

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Artificial Intelligence for mergers & acquisitions

Let advanced techniques help you during the process.

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