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Public records requests - get it out, get it right

Get it out get it right
Governments, Public records
Handling a public records request isn't just about getting it out as fast as possible: it's about getting it right, too. 

No silver bullet for GDPR

no silver GDPR bullet
eDiscovery, Corporations
There's no silver bullet for all GDPR requirements, but there is a lot you can do! 

Efficiently handling subject access requests

subject access requests
eDiscovery, Corporations
With the arrival of GDPR came subject access requests; how to handle those effectively is discussed in this webinar. 

A productivity revolution for public records requests

productivity revolution for PRR
Governments, Public Records
Together with our partner Informa, we show you how to supercharge your public records request handling. 

Effective social media collection for eDiscovery

Effective social media collection for eDiscovery
eDiscovery, Corporations
Social media poses a unique challenge to eDiscovery, in this webinar Jeffrey Wolff shows how to deal with it effectively. 

AI for eDiscovery and privacy protection

privacy protection
eDiscovery, Corporations
How AI can help data controllers to remain in the clear when it comes to privacy law and regulatory requests. 

The eDiscovery SaaS revolution for law firms

disco saas revolution law firms
eDiscovery, Law firms
See for yourself how eDiscovery can transform the way your firm performs eDiscovery. 

Professional text mining

professional text mining
eDiscovery, Technology
Everything there is to know about the value that text mining represents, in a single webinar. 

Building a business case to take back control of eDiscovery

building a business case to take back control
eDiscovery, Corporations
Jeffrey Wolff tells you how to take back control of your eDiscovery, and why you should want to. 

A practical approach to managing public records requests

a practical approach to PRR
Governments, Public records
Learn how the city of Scottsdale, AZ manages to deal with public records requests more efficiently than ever before. 

The eDiscovery maturity model

the eDiscovery maturity model
eDiscovery, Corporations

An ACEDS webinar about everything you need to know about eDiscovery maturity.

AI techniques for regulatory requests

AI techniques for regulatory requests
Corporations, eDiscovery
Learn how AI can empower your handling of regulatory requests. 

Building a business case to bring eDiscovery in-house

building a business case to bring ediscovery in-house
Corporations, eDiscovery
Bringing eDiscovery in-house can yield great results - Jeffrey Wolff explains how to do it. 

eDiscovery under GDPR

eDiscovery under GDPR
Law Firms, eDisocovery
The introduction of GDPR in May of 2018 changed a lot for the world of eDiscovery - this webinar explains how to perform eDiscovery going forward. 

Automatic classification and redaction

classification & redaction
eDiscovery, Technology
A lunch & learn session about the auto-classification and redaction capabilities. 

Advanced Search

Advanced Search
eDiscovery, Technology
A lunch & learn session where we talk about the differences between basic and advanced search. 

eDiscovery for small(er) firms

Small(er) law firms
eDiscovery, Law firms
If you're a small firm, there's no reason you can't use the same tools as the big boys to deliver excellent service. 

Public records requests - assessing your capabilities

public records requests - assessing your capabilities
Governments, Public Records
Learn how you can get a realistic idea of at what level of current ability to respond to public records requests you are, and how you can improve. 

35 years of legal search

35 years legal search-1
eDiscovery, Corporations
We've been around for 35 years helping Legal Search get better and more comprehensive. What did we learn so far? 

Prevent high costs for eDiscovery and investigations

Be prepared: prevent high cost of eDiscovery and investigations
eDiscovery, Corporations
John Payton, former eDiscovery specialist at Philips and Rabobank, shares how to keep the costs of eDiscovery down.  

The #1 review accelerator

#1 review accelerator
eDiscovery, Technology
A lunch & learn session about Technology Assisted Review, the AI-powered secret to supercharged review. 

Automated redaction & pseudonymization for GDPR

Redaction Pseudonymization for GDPR
eDiscovery, Corporations
GDPR created many new challenges for eDsicovery. Automate the process of redaction and pseudonymization to avoid mistakes. 

Leveraging technology for efficient Public Records Requests

leveraging technology for efficient PRR
Governments, Public records
It's easy to be overwhelmed when a public records request comes in - prevent this by harnessing the power of technology. 

Uncovering the hidden cost of eDiscovery

uncovering the hidden cost of eDiscovery
eDiscovery, Corporations
In eDiscovery, costs can seem to come out of the woodwork at times. In this webinar, learn how you can see them coming. 

Reducing your legal fees

reducing your legal fees
Corporations, eDiscovery
Learn how eDiscovery technology can help bring down your legal fees, and make the process more predictable as well.